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The Good Enough Parenting Model

There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So how do we know if we are “good enough”?

“The majority of parenting books focus on how to quickly change your child or modify their behaviors so they can perform better. But isn’t this putting the cart before the horse? Good Enough Parenting is a course that uses an evidence-based approach to promote emotional health and a strong bond between parents and children.” 

Our evidence-based approach is rooted in Schema Therapy. Schemas are patterns of internal experience including beliefs, emotions, and thoughts which affect our relationship with ourselves and others. The way we interact with children creates either positive or negative schemas which carry into adulthood.

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Parent Testimonies

"Good Enough Parenting was better than good, it was great! I have been to numerous training sessions on Marriage, Behavior, and Parenting, but none as practical and beneficial as GEP. GEP takes an in depth look in the before, during and after of parenting. We laughed, cried, learned, and shared our victories as well as defeats. Everyone who attended the workshop was truly blessed by this training. It is a MUST for parents as well as grandparents!"
William R. Scott, PhD.
William R. Scott, PhD
Educational Psychology, Gainesville, Florida

Reviews by Expert Therapists

This ground-breaking book will help parents raise healthier children, and when they grow up, healthier and more successful adults. I highly recommend it.

Charles L Whitfield, M.D.

International bestselling author, Healing the Child Within

Schema Therapy has been successful with adults, but I have always wanted to see someone do something on preventing schemas, or Lifetraps, in children, and here it is!

Dr. Jeffrey Young

Dept. of Psychiatry, Columbia University, New York; Founder, Schema Therapy; Author, Reinventing Your Life

“The principles of Good Enough Parenting apply across race, religion and culture. The focus on the quality of the parent-child relationship and the associated wide array of positive outcomes makes this a book an asset on the shelf of every parent and would be parent.”

Dato’ Seri Dr Wan Azizah binti Wan Ismail

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

Former Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Malaysia

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