Join us for our interactive workshops, held either live online or in person. 

These workshops are perfect for:

    • Parents and grandparents who want to learn how to build a stronger bond with their children and help them grow into emotionally healthy adults. 
    • This workshop is for educators, therapists, and healthcare workers who work with parents and children.

To organize an online session, email: [email protected]

A group of women look over Good Enough Parenting materials at one of the workshops.

Building More Connected Families

While clinicians and lay leaders attempt to help families resolve their diverse issues, many wonder: is there a preventive approach to equipping parents so that unhealthy patterns in families can be averted, families can be more connected, and children can grow up emotionally healthier and resilient?

Good Enough Parenting is the solution to this pressing need. GEP is an in-depth, research-based, evidence-based parenting programme which zooms in on the emotional and psychological impact of adequately (and inadequately) meeting Core Emotional Needs. It is based on Schema Therapy and endorsed by Dr Jeffrey Young, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University, New York, and Founder of Schema Therapy. GEP is unique as it incorporates appropriate movie scenes to highlight key teaching points.

GEP Professional Training Dates

Standard Fees: USD 750 inclusive of handouts, certificate and a “Good Enough Parenting” for shipment to Singapore only.

For shipment to places outside Singapore top up for shipment cost will be required.

Upcoming Workshops

For in-person or online workshops please contact Dr John Philip Louis at [email protected]

Past Workshops Worldwide

Workshops held by John and Karen (pictured below). Additional workshops have been held by Good Enough Parenting trainers Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, India, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Bahamas, Taiwan, Iran, and Lebanon.

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