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Good Enough Parenting combines principles from schema therapy and the latest research with the Louis’ experiences as therapists, community leaders and parents to provide a thorough, practical, easy-to-read and well-reasoned guide. Good Enough Parenting introduces “Core Emotional Needs” and explains why meeting them is absolutely crucial for raising emotionally healthy children. Parents will gain insights into their own issues and learn how to avoid “Exasperation Interactions” as well as how to “Repair” after a conflict and Reconnect” with teenagers and adult children.”

Parenting matters. Don’t let anyone tell you that parenting is not important. It is the most significant job that you will ever do, with far-reaching consequences.

A study of almost 600 families in New York over 18 years found that unhealthy parenting was more of a predictor of children’s mental illness than the mental health of the parents themselves! The more frequent occurrence of unhealthy parenting, the more likely the occurrence of mental illness in children.1

Parenting matters.

1Johnson, J. G., Cohen, P., Kasen, S., Smailes, E., & Brook, J. S. (2001). Association of maladaptive parental behavior with psychiatric disorder among parents and their offspring. Archives of General Psychiatry, 58(5), 453–460.

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