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Professional Training for Good Enough Parenting Facilitator Certification

Dr. John Louis leading a workshop for Malaysian officials in 2019.

Become a Good Enough Parenting Facilitator​

Group photo of several dozen facilitators at a GEP workshop in Iran. Dr. John Louis stands front and center.

Interested parties need to complete all seven modules that are offered. They must also listen to the additional video for facilitators. As an alternative to the online course, interested parties may also attend one of our live in-person workshops.

After completion, they will then have to pass a test that will assess their knowledge on the basic concepts of Good Enough Parenting. Upon passing the test, they will be awarded a Good Enough Parenting Facilitator’s certificate.

What you will receive:

• Counsellors
• Therapists
• Psychologists
• Social Workers
• Case Workers
• Family Life Educators
• Lay Leaders and Clergy involved in family ministries

Certified GEP Facilitator

Completing the GEP Professional Training qualifies participants to be a ‘Certified GEP Facilitator’. This enables him/her to utilize the principles of GEP for one-to-one sessions with clients, as well as for small group discussions (maximum 15 people).

Learning Outcomes:

  • Good Enough Parenting Model: The interplay of different factors on the outcome of parenting
  • Core Emotional Needs
  • 18 Negative Schemas
  • 14 Positive Schemas 
  • Three broad Coping Styles
  • Nurturing vs Exasperating Interactions
  • Specific ways to meet Core Emotional Needs
  • Vortex of Conflict Escalation (and how to avoid it)
  • Empathy and Validation of Feelings
  • Nucci’s Four Domains of Moral Teaching
  • Age-appropriate Empowerment
  • Needs, Wants, Rights and Privileges
  • Learning-Oriented vs Performance-Oriented Goals
  • Power of Being Vulnerable and Forgiving
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