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Parents Johnson and Alia from Indonesia. Good Enough Parenting helped them develop a strong bond with their child.

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Australia (Mark & Vicky)

Indonesia (Harliem & Vania)

Lebanon (Moufid & Jessy)

USA (Will Archer)

South Africa (Ivor & Anne-Marie)

Indonesia (Budi & Hong Hong)

Japan (Toshi & Fumiko)

Malaysia (Burt & Whye Leng)

Singapore (Manoj)

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Reviews From Our Readers

Malaysia (Steven & Fyon)

Nigeria (Fred & Titi)

Singapore (Andre & Vicky)

Thailand (Sokoun & Ae)

Indonesia (Sahat & Joyce)

Vietnam (Hung & Hong)

Malaysia (Valerie & Darick)

Indonesia (Johnson & Alin)

Malaysia (Vincent & Jayne)

Philippines (Koko & Farida)

Singapore (Joel & Rachelle)

Japan (Takeshi & Manami)

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