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Parents Johnson and Alia from Indonesia. Good Enough Parenting helped them develop a strong bond with their child.

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Australia (Mark & Vicky)

Indonesia (Harliem & Vania)

Lebanon (Moufid & Jessy)

USA (Will Archer)

South Africa (Ivor & Anne-Marie)

Indonesia (Budi & Hong Hong)

Japan (Toshi & Fumiko)

Malaysia (Burt & Whye Leng)

Singapore (Manoj)

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Reviews From Our Readers

Ronny Yttrehus

“Good Enough Parenting” has been a great eye-opener and a strong motivator to make every effort to meet all the core needs of my children, not only those that come as the most “natural” to me."

William R. Scott, PhD in Educational Psychology

Gainesville, Florida
Good Enough Parenting was better than good, it was great! I have been to numerous training sessions on Marriage, Behavior, and Parenting, but none as practical and beneficial as GEP. GEP takes an in depth look in the before, during and after of parenting. We laughed, cried, learned, and shared our victories as well as defeats. Everyone who attended the workshop was truly blessed by this training. It is a MUST for parents as well as grandparents!

Michelle Maharty

North Carolina
"The workshop was absolutely wonderful! It gave me more of an awareness about myself as a person and parent. I am excited about what is ahead in putting in practice what I learned."

Malaysia (Steven & Fyon)

Nigeria (Fred & Titi)

Singapore (Andre & Vicky)

Thailand (Sokoun & Ae)

Indonesia (Sahat & Joyce)

Vietnam (Hung & Hong)

Malaysia (Valerie & Darick)

Indonesia (Johnson & Alin)

Malaysia (Vincent & Jayne)

Philippines (Koko & Farida)

Singapore (Joel & Rachelle)

Japan (Takeshi & Manami)

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