Schema Therapy 1 & 2 Workshops

Professional training for Good Enough Parenting facilitators

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Schema Therapy Professional Training

Research in Schema Therapy has uncovered 18 negative schemas and 14 positive schemas (“long lasting patterns of emotions, cognitions and memories”), which have been shown to be associated with a number of personality disorders such as borderline and narcissistic
personality disorders.

Schemas have also been shown to be linked with substance abuse, eating disorders, depression and anxiety as well as being road blocks in romantic and family relationships.

At the core of Schema Therapy is the belief that needs not met adequately in childhood become sources of problems in adulthood.

These needs have been identified to be Connection and Acceptance, Healthy Autonomy and Performance, Reasonable Limits, Realistic Standards and Reciprocity.

Client, with the help of the therapist, works to find out what specific needs were not met in childhood as well the specific schemas that are the driving force behind their dysfunction.

Through collaboration with the therapist clients’ negative schemas are gradually weakened but their positive ones are strengthened, and wounds from childhood are gradually healed.


For Schema Therapy Professional Training that is approved by International Society for Schema Therapy        ( ) please contact Dr John Philip Louis at [email protected]

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