Types of Interactions

Exchanging control for support.

Exasperation Interactions

  • Degradation and Rejection
  • Competitiveness and Status Seeking
  • Over-Control
  • Punitiveness and Abuse
  • Emotional Inhibition and Deprivation
  • Overprotection and Overindulgence
  • Undependability and Irresponsibility
  • Neglect and Insufficient Guidance
  • Social Exclusion
  • Intrusiveness and Exploitation

Nurturing Interactions

  • Autonomy Support
  • Autonomy Granting
  • Emotional Nurturance and Unconditional Love
  • Playfulness and Emotional Openness
  • Intrinsic Worth
  • Dependability
  • Confidence and Competence
A happy family making pizza together. The mother takes a photo of her smiling toddler while Dad prepares vegetables in the background.
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